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The Great Tree Inn hosts - Sheila, Mark and Cletus

Your Hosts at the Great Tree Inn

Sheila and Mark...and Cletus

Mark and Sheila are from Buffalo, NY, but Mark grew up on Neville Island (yep. an Island on the Ohio River, west of Pittsburgh, PA). His career in pediatric critical care medicine and research brought him to Buffalo over 20 years ago. That move enabled him to meet Sheila. Sheila had grown up in South Buffalo and had worked her way through a couple of college degrees to settle upon Cardiovascular Perfusion.

Mark, being a "science geek"’ at heart and his endless fascination with the natural world around us has flamed his joy and love of cooking and creating dishes. Sheila has always had a natural comfort with animals and maybe that’s why they seem to be drawn to her.

So with dreams of a lifestyle change, they found and fell in love with The Great Tree Inn. They see it as a way to share these passions with others.

“We look forward to welcoming you into our home and hope to create lifelong friendships and memories.”

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